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5 Things I Tried to Get out of the Dark

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

1) Take one day (or a few hours) and rest from your responsibilities.

Sulking is hard to do with kids, so let someone watch them for a few hours while you work on you! You are not a bad parent for taking a break. In order to better take care of your kids, you need to remind yourself of the things you love to do and what you are good at.

2) Do something new. Change up your daily routine.

This is EXTREMELY hard you guys. For me, I decided to take my boys on a walk around the block. I let my 3 year old lead, and it takes away the stress of having to decide anything(if you have anxiety, you get me). Maybe you decide to learn a new language, start a new hobby, or start just listening to some music in the morning while you get ready. Heck, I used to watch Friends on my phone while I showered and that was one of the best parts of my day!

3) Read something uplifting/positive

I freaking love Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I never read motivational books until one of my friends told me she thought I would like Rachel Hollis. I will suggest it to everyone. I know some people have a huge problem with her [because they don't agree with things she does], but I still love her. People need to realize that we all have different views and opinions, but that shouldn't stop us from liking them.

4) Watch a Disney movie

I've been watching Beauty and the Beast and, guys, Disney movies are just made to make you feel good. You can't watch them without singing along. Or maybe you just watch a movie that has inspired you. I personally love The Pursuit of Happyness and Wonder.

5) Cry (or talk) it out

The other night I cuddled with my husband and just told him how crappy I have felt lately. I had been so depressed and had had suicidal thoughts for probably the last 7 days. I ugly cried so hard (snot GALORE and tears soaked his shirt. If you think I am joking, ask him. He put his hand right in the snot). Anyways, sometimes we think that we have nothing to talk about or we don't know what we are feeling. Just talk and say whatever you are feeling. Get everything off your mind without worrying about what the other person is going to say.

These are the 5 things I have done to help me get out of this dark place, and I am feeling much better today. I am not saying these things always work, because I am sure it will be different next time, but I am just letting you guys know how I cope in my personal life.

PS any moms who are reading this, when you stop breastfeeding, your hormones go WILD. I just recently figured this out, as I weaned my little one this last week(hence the depressive episode). So yes it is normal to get a little hormonal when pregnant, after labor, or weaning from breastfeeding. YOU ARE WELCOME.😂


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