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I have observed Alexis as she has presented to my Health classes. She shared some of her struggles with confidence as a teen and the difficulties she has had in expressing herself. Alexis then modeled that despite our insecurities, we can all move forward in a positive direction.

Alexis has a unique ability to get teenagers to open up and discuss sensitive topics. For her to build trust so quickly with the students was amazing to see. I felt that Alexis used honest and open communication in a way that made students feel safe to interact. It was very obvious that she cares about these young men and women. 

I have found Alexis to be an outstanding woman of great character who displays excellent leadership and communication. She is energetic with a strong desire to empower others.

Wade Turley

Health Teacher

Make The Uncomfortable Comfortable, is an Uplifting and refreshing page. I definitely look forward to the entertaining and relatable posts. Did I mention hilarious as well!?

I appreciate the humor and the realism!

It brightens my day.

"Alexis is dedicated to sharing her life experiences with high school kids that potentially are going through similar experiences and inspires others to know it's okay to not be ok. 


Alexis has a passion to share her message with high school students and be an advocate for them. She continues to work and rework her presentation with the more opportunities she gets to come into different schools.


I have enjoyed having Alexis share her presentation and have my students hear from someone with their life experiences and another perspective on the matter."


Brock Sharp


Being able to talk about subjects that most people are not willing to talk about. I am a huge fan of the way Lexie approaches different subjects with curiosity but also knowledge.

I love following this page! The posts are always so relatable and they help remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. Also, Lexie is always open to PM’s if you have any questions or things that you don’t just want to comment publicly but would like advice on. This page is amazing and completely uplifting and inspired!

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