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About Alexis

Lexie was raised in Southern Utah & graduated from Dixie State University with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2018. She would like to get her Master's degree, but until then. her Instagram page is a place to inspire, uplift, + impact others.


As a young girl in elementary, Alexis experienced how it felt to live with anxiety. For years, she struggled with many day-to-day tasks, such as going to school each morning. Her stomach was always upset and she suffered from headaches almost daily. She often felt mentally drained. After years of seeing doctors and neurologists, there were no answers. From what they could see, there was nothing wrong.

In the first year of college, Lexie learned that those symptoms were part of a mental disorder called anxiety. She left class that day and felt so relieved and validated because she knew she wasn't alone in that trial. She had struggled for over 10 years and thought living in paralyzing anxiety was NORMAL.


In 2017, she came up with Make the Uncomfortable Comfortable to validate others in their hardships and help them feel less alone. When uncomfortable topics are discussed with others, acceptance and belonging will follow, which brings purpose and meaning to your life and the lives of others.

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