High school Diploma
Pine View High School 2014

Psychology BS Degree

Dixie State University 2018


Certified Life Coach

New Skills Academy 2019

 I am a 23 year old wife + mom who struggles with anxiety and depression. It took me 18 years to find out that the constant headaches, stomachaches, sweating, uneasiness, worry, lack of appetite and sleep, that I experienced, weren't normal. Once I was diagnosed with anxiety, I decided to share my experience because there are others out there who are are going through similar situations and they need to know that things will get better. 


There is so much in life that we want to keep to ourselves because it is embarrassing or awkward or uncomfortable, but guess what? We ALL experience those things. Whatever it is, someone else is going through the exact same thing as you. We don't have to survive silently. Talking about our struggles, weaknesses, and experiences, actually makes us stronger, more confident, and a positive influence because others can benefit from our stories.